Your spine isn’t just a stack of bones.

It’s your ticket.  Your ticket to feeling fantastic.

To living more life.

Whether you’re chasing your kids around the yard, completing your first 5k, or even doing mundane chores like carrying loads of laundry up and down the stairs, one thing’s for sure:  You don’t want to miss out on your life because you’re in pain, sick, or feeling unwell.  (Well, maybe you wouldn’t mind missing out on some laundry, but it still needs to be done, right?)
Sure, you’ve learned to just deal with the pain, but that’s not fun.  We’ve been there and we know how tough it can be to get through your day with a nagging headache, or stiff neck, or stabbing sciatic pain …

You’re frustrated because you’ve “tried everything” and nothing has helped.

There’s hope!

Upper Cervical Chiropractic may be exactly what you need.

Introducing our New Patient Starter Package.


Here’s what’s included …

  • Your first two full office visits as outlined below.
  • Ten minute complimentary one-on-one, in-person consultation so you can tell us about your health concerns and goals and so you can determine if this is a good fit after all.
  • One hour exam where we’ll check your spine and nervous system for balance or imbalance and determine what is causing your problem.
  • Any necessary X-rays so we can see what condition your spine is in and determine exactly how you need to be adjusted.  You can be sure that we are taking a thorough and specific approach to your health.
  • A second follow-up visit with a full report of findings including a one-on-one, in-person review of your condition, what’s causing your condition, your x-ray findings, and whether or not upper cervical chiropractic care is appropriate for you. You will have a full understanding of what we looked for, what we found, and how we may be able to help you get well again.
  • A first adjustment so you can begin your journey back to feeling fantastic, being well, and living abundantly! Yay!
  • Bonus #1:  Complimentary resources to learn how to maximize your care.
  • Bonus #2:  Complimentary access to our in-office lending library.  (Coming soon!)
  • Bonus #3:  Complimentary access to our online exclusive members’ area full of more health and wellness resources.  (Coming soon!)
We take your health seriously, and we’re ecstatic for you when you reach your goals and your full health potential!

Here’s what patients are saying …

For about the past 3 years, I have dealt with chronic headaches, chronic right ear pain, and chronic sinus congestion on the right side of my head.  I regularly used Advil, and I feared that surgery would be the only thing that would be able to help me.  I’ve been seeing Dr. Dave for the past 4 months, and within just the first month of care, I had significant relief of all symptoms.  I’m feeling great and my mood has also improved.  Dr. Dave and Dr. Martina treat me great with respect and a caring friendly nature.  Without hesitation, I would recommend PUCC to my friends and family because it works and it’s easy and non-invasive!

58 year-old male

After a knee injury and 3 knee surgeries in the ‘90s, I had numbness in my big toe.  Last year, my foot became numb across the entire top and it began to swell every now and then.  This was very uncomfortable and made it difficult for me to stand and walk for long periods of time.  I saw orthopedic knee, back, and foot specialists, had nerve testing done and tried nerve drug therapy.  Nothing helped.  Since seeing Dr. Martina, all of the feeling has returned to my foot!  I am sleeping better and my energy level has risen because it doesn’t hurt to walk anymore!  I like everything about this care—they are friendly and very informative about what they are doing.  This is the only place that believed my problem and actually did something about it.

38 year-old female

I first came to PUCC with chronic nasal congestion, ear blockage, neck and shoulder tension, and upper back issues.  I have had chronic cervical issues (too many to list) for about 10 years.  I have seen multiple specialists for each condition including other chiropractors, rolfing specialists, physical therapists, and massage therapists.  I have tried muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory meds, anti-depressants, and special pillows and mattresses.  I was hitting rock bottom when I found PUCC.  After my first adjustment, my symptoms just about disappeared!  By 90 days, I could feel major positive changes in my neck structure and muscles/ligaments.  My general body symptoms are gone for the most part.  I am optimistic and finally headed in the right direction with my health.  I feel like a different person than 7 months ago!  The staff is great and my results have been amazing!  I like their honesty, and I am treated wonderfully!  I feel like my neck is moving back into proper position and I wish Dr. Dave would update my x-rays more often so I could see my progress!  I would recommend PUCC to my family and friends because the results are phenomenal!

29 year-old female

Schedule Your New Patient Starter Package

And never just deal with your pain again.


Still thinking it over?

Here are some frequently asked questions.
How do I know if you can help me?

Upon completion of your first full visit, we will have a better idea of how we may be able to help you.  Before that, there’s really no way of knowing if we can help you yet.  As cool as it would be, we aren’t Superheroes, and we don’t have x-ray vision!

Do I really need this?

Yes, if you want to be healthy.  Having a balanced and proper-functioning nervous system is the first and most essential step in living a healthy lifestyle.  Your nervous system controls your digestive system, and if your nervous system isn’t functioning properly, then your digestive system may not be functioning optimally.  What’s the point of eating healthy food if your body doesn’t know how to digest it, process it, and distribute it efficiently?  Same goes for exercise.  If you’re exercising with an imbalanced spine, all you’re doing is causing harm and damage to your body.

When will I start feeling better?

Some patients feel changes and improvements as early as after their first adjustment (lucky!), while others may take a few months to notice a significant difference.  Because every person is different and every person has had different life experiences that have impacted their health, it’s hard to say exactly when you will start feeling better.  Regardless, don’t get discouraged if you take a little longer.  We can assure you that once your spine and nervous system are balanced, your body will begin to heal and function better whether or not you outwardly notice any changes right away.

If you could choose a super power, what would it be?

Hmm, good question.  I (Dr. Martina) would go with shapeshifting.  You know, like Mystique from X-men.  But I think I’d like to be able to shapeshift into different objects as well as different people.  I (Dr. Dave) have thought about this a lot, and I would say teleportation.  I like the idea of being able to go anywhere instantaneously and take anyone with me.

Is everything included?

Everything, as outlined above, for your first two full visits is included.  No hidden fees or extra charges.  And this isn’t Europe; we won’t charge you to use our restroom either!

What if I don’t want to come back for my second visit?

That’s fine; no questions asked.  We understand that we aren’t a fit for everyone. (We are aware that we are a little geeky, and that not everyone wants to talk about health, wellness, and superheroes 24/7!)  We only request that you give us a heads up by calling or emailing.  Please don’t just not show up and leave us hanging; we may be able to fill your time slot with another wanting patient.  Also, we will issue a refund to you for any portion of care that you don’t use.

What happens after these two visits?

After these two visits, we will outline detailed recommendations for you.  All of our care plans are individualized for your specific needs based on the information we gather on your first two visits.  No cookie cutter approach here.

Can I pay in installments?

We do not accept installment payments for this New Patient Starter Package; however, we do offer payment plans with our other care plans following this Starter Package.

Do you take insurance?

We are out-of-network providers for all insurances.  All patients are considered cash patients for this New Patient Starter Package.  If you choose to continue care after this Starter Package, we will verify your insurance, discuss your expected coverage and any out-of-pocket expenses that you are responsible for, and apply your payment for this Starter Package toward your insurance deductible and/or copays.  We offer affordable care and payment plans to all of our patients, regardless of insurance coverage.

Can my child use this New Patient Starter Package as well?

Yes, but the price is different depending on his/her age.  For children ages 7-17, the New Patient Starter Package is $149.  For infants, toddlers, and children up to and including age 6, the New Patient Starter Package is $109.  Please let us know your child’s age when you schedule.

Is there a guarantee?

We cannot guarantee results, and past results do not guarantee future results.  However, we CAN guarantee that we will give you 100% attention and effort in helping you to feel better and be well.  We can also guarantee that if we don’t think we can help you, we will refer you to someone who might be able to help you.

Are these testimonials really real?

Absolutely!  We’re kind of offended that you asked!  In our office, every patient (we may have missed a few here and there) fills out an HONEST testimonial and evaluation questionnaire after completing their first three months of care.  We take their EXACT written words and type them into paragraph form so that they are more readable here on the website and in other publications. We use these testimonials and evaluations to give hope to other patients and to improve upon the services we offer.  We can’t reveal patients’ names due to our Practice’s Privacy Notice; however, you can read all of the original handwritten testimonials and evaluations in a binder in our reception area.

I have been really pleased with my treatment and the overall improvements that I’ve noticed in my health.  I like that your philosophy seems to be all-inclusive/all-over health rather than just treating the symptoms as traditional chiropractic sometimes does.  I would recommend your office to others based on my results and the thoughtfulness of my treatment plan, etc.  I had migraines for 20 years and neck/shoulder pain for 6 years.  Since beginning care here, I have seen many improvements—my headaches and pain are less frequent, my energy level has increased, and my fatigue and depression-like symptoms have decreased.  I no longer take my prescription for migraines, and I spend much less time in bed with pain and headaches.

41 year-old female

Never again miss out on your life because of pain.

I have had severe lower back pain for about 9 years beginning after a football accident in high school.  I had an MRI done and was given a “turtle shell” back brace to wear.  Also, just recently for a few months, I had severe pain in both arms that I called “dead arm.”  Since beginning care with Dr. Martina, my “dead arm” and lower back pain are completely gone.  My lower back can still get inflamed when I do a lot of manual labor, but it isn’t nearly as bad or doesn’t last nearly as long as before.  The care at PUCC is comfortable and relaxing.  I have already recommended upper cervical to my family and friends, and I will continue to do so because it works.

25 year-old male

I had severe migraine headaches and shoulder pain for 21 years.  Some of my headaches would last for multiple days in a row.  It was terrible!  To attempt to relieve the pain, I saw many doctors including my PCP, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, sports medicine specialists, sleep specialists, and physical therapists.  I also took many, many drugs including NSAIDS, narcotics, sleep drugs, and steroids.  Finally I found the help that I needed.  Dr. Dave treats me well, and I appreciate the time he spends with me.  My headaches are now completely gone!  PUCC is awesome!!!

51 year-old female

We help people just like you get out of pain, overcome even the most challenging health problems, and get back to actually living.

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