These are a few of our favorite things products.

We’re often asked what we use for [this] or what we suggest for [that], so we curated this list of some of our favorite products.  Each of the products below is something we personally use, support, and/or would recommend to our family and friends.

Books & Media

A collection of books, cookbooks, audio books, and DVDs.

Nutrition & Supplements

A collection of nutritious foods and the best supplements around.  Most of these supplements can be purchased directly from us in our office.

Exercise & Fitness

A collection of home exercise equipment and programs.

Personal Care

A collection of toiletries and other personal care products.

Pregnant & Nursing Mothers

A collection of supplements and gear for pregnant and nursing mothers.  The Motherlove: More Milk Plus and Nature’s Way Fenugreek supplements should NOT be taken during pregnancy but can be taken while nursing to help increase the mother’s milk supply if needed.

Children & Babies

A collection of pediatric supplements (most of which can be purchased directly from us in our office), pediatric personal care products, and baby gear.  As far as parenting goes, every family needs to find what works best for them; however, from one parent to another, we found these items, anything from toys to cloth diapers and even special cloth diaper detergent, to be extremely useful to us.  Note:  Some of these products, like the Ergobaby Carrier and the Halo SleepSacks/Wearable Blankets, allow for a more natural hip girdle position when the baby is young.  See here and here for more information.

For the Home

A collection of home products, such as items for smoothie and meal prepping, water bottles, and dogbone pillows.

Affiliate Disclosure: Each of the products above is something we personally use, support, and/or would recommend to our family and friends.  Some of the links are affiliate links, meaning that a special tracking code is used, and we may make a small commission on the sale of an item if you purchase through one of these links. Please do not feel any obligation to purchase using these links.  The price of the item is the same for you whether it is an affiliate link or not, and your purchase helps to maintain PittsburghUpperCervical.com.  Thank you for your support!

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