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In their words …

I have had severe lower back pain for about 9 years beginning after a football accident in high school.  It occurs mostly when doing manual labor but also sometimes sporadically.  I had an MRI done and was given a “turtle shell” back brace to wear.  Also, just recently for a few months, I had severe pain in both arms that I called “dead arm”.  Since beginning care with Dr. Martina, my “dead arm” and sporadic lower back pain are completely gone.  However, my lower back can still get inflamed when I do a lot of manual labor, but it isn’t nearly as bad or doesn’t last nearly as long as before.  The care at Pittsburgh Upper Cervical Chiropractic is comfortable and relaxing.  I have already recommended upper cervical to my family and friends and I will continue to do so because it works.


25 year-old male

I had low back pain and nerve pain in my right leg for over 20 years.  I went through multiple tests (bone scans, MRI, CT scan) and multiple treatment with drugs, acupuncture, and other chiropractors.  Nothing was a permanent fix.  Since starting here, I have felt a positive change in my back and leg, and I have less pain all over my body!  Upper Cervical works, and I have already recommended you to my friends and family!  You’re the best!


46 year-old male

I first came to see Dr. Dave with low back pain, neck pain, and cramping during menstruation.  This went on for over 2 years and exercise and stretching helped temporarily.  Since coming to Pittsburgh Upper Cervical Chiropractic, I have experienced muscle relaxation, less tension, less menstrual cramping, more energy, and better sleep!  I have continued with maintenance care because I like the focus on long term care and prevention, and I have been speaking to several family members and friends about your services.


35 year-old female

I have had breast cancer for the past 2 years and have been going through chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  A friend of mine is an upper cervical chiropractor in Florida and she recommended that I go to an upper cervical chiropractor here.  I was hoping to see some overall health benefits.  Since beginning care with Dr. Dave, the cancer has been confined to one area, my immune system has shown improvement (my white blood cell count increased) based on my blood tests, and my allergies have improved.  I am still seeing Dr. Dave and he shows great care with good results.


36 year-old female

I first came to PUCC with chronic nasal congestion, ear blockage, neck and shoulder tension, and upper back issues.  I have had chronic cervical issues (too many to list) for about 10 years.  I have seen multiple specialists for each condition including other chiropractors, rolfing specialists, physical therapists, and massage therapists.  I have tried muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory meds, anti-depressants, and special pillows and mattresses.  I was hitting rock bottom when I found PUCC.  After my first adjustment, my symptoms just about disappeared!  By 90 days, I could feel major positive changes in my neck structure and muscles/ligaments.  My general body symptoms are gone for the most part.  I am optimistic and finally headed in the right direction with my health.  I feel like a different person than 7 months ago!  The staff is great and my results have been amazing!  I like their honesty, and I am treated wonderfully!  I feel like my neck is moving back into proper position and I wish Dr. Dave would update my x-rays more often so I could see my progress!  I would recommend PUCC to my family and friends because the results are phenomenal!


29 year-old female

After a knee injury and 3 knee surgeries in the ‘90s, I had numbness in my big toe.  Last year, my foot became numb across the entire top and it began to swell every now and then.  This was very uncomfortable and made it difficult for me to stand and walk for long periods of time.  I saw orthopedic knee, back, and foot specialists, had nerve testing done and tried nerve drug therapy.  Nothing helped.  Since seeing Dr. Martina, all of the feeling has returned to my foot!  I am sleeping better and my energy level has risen because it doesn’t hurt to walk anymore!  I like everything about this care—they are friendly and very informative about what they are doing.  This is the only place that believed my problem and actually did something about it.


38 year-old female

I have been dealing with fibromyalgia for over 21 years.  This has created physical pain, fatigue, and personal strain in my life.  I have seen other chiropractors, therapists, and taken anti-depressants.  While seeing other chiropractors, I felt like I was always slipping in and out of adjustments and needed re-adjusted often.   Pittsburgh Upper Cervical provided me with a more complete treatment, and I feel like my spine is becoming more stabilized now.  I don’t need adjusted nearly as often as before, and I have a more positive outlook on my health.  Dr. Martina treats me very well and spends time informing me of everything she is doing.  Even though upper cervical hasn’t been a “quick fix” for me, it is still worth it and I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends.


38 year-old female

I had severe migraine headaches and shoulder pain for 21 years.  Some of my headaches would last for multiple days in a row.  It was terrible!  To attempt to relieve the pain, I saw many doctors including my PCP, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, sports medicine specialists, sleep specialists, and physical therapists.  I also took many, many drugs including NSAIDS, narcotics, sleep drugs, and steroids.  Finally I found the help that I needed when my son met Dr. Dave and made an appointment for me.  It was difficult getting used to this philosophy of health, but Dr. Dave treats me well and I appreciate the time he spends with me.  My headaches are now completely gone!  PUCC is awesome!!!


51 year-old female

I first came to see Dr. Martina with lower back pain, neck pain, and headaches that began about a year ago.  Today, I have no back pain or neck pain, and my headaches are few and far between.  I appreciate Dr. Martina’s thorough explanation of treatment and the purpose behind all aspects of care.  All of my questions are answered in detail.  Dr. Martina and Dr. Dave maintain a professional yet friendly and warm environment.  I have already recommended them to my family and friends because they provide a more comprehensive form of care for the spine and therefore all parts of the body that are affected by the spine.  I love the focus on the body’s natural healing process when the spine is aligned properly.


27 year-old female

About 40 years ago (in my mid-thirties), I first started getting migraine headaches about once a month.  Since then, they have gradually gotten worse and more frequent.  I would get a migraine every single day and it seemed like my neck was responsible.  It was awful!  I couldn’t carry on a normal life.  I was seeing another chiropractor, but I still needed to take at least 1 Imitrex or Aleve every day.  After only a few months of care at Pittsburgh Upper Cervical Chiropractic, my migraines are less severe and less frequent.  I don’t take Imitrex or Aleve every day anymore.  My general strength and energy have also gotten better.  I am still seeing Dr. Dave, and I look forward to continued improvements in my health.  Dr. Dave and Dr. Martina are very kind, and I would recommend them to anyone who is open to trying something different for their health.


77 year-old female

Never just deal with your pain again.

For over 6 months, I was experiencing numbness in my fingers in both hands.  The numbness would occur several times each night and would often wake me up.  While seeing Dr. Martina, my symptoms greatly improved in a short period of time.  She treats me excellent, and I like that I am seen on a consistent basis.  My left fingers are never numb and my right fingers are only numb occasionally.  I would recommend you to my family and friends.


57 year-old female

I have slouched and had poor posture since I was a teenager, and I started experiencing neck pain and upper back/shoulder tension in the past 8 or 9 months.  I like the way treatment is administered here.  I still have slight tension in my neck, but my shoulders are not as tight.  My posture has improved, and I’m able to stand up straight with more ease.  Overall, I feel more energized.  Dr. Dave treats me well and I have also brought my daughter in to see him.


42 year-old female

For 2 or 3 years, I couldn’t turn my head without my neck hurting and I would get mild headaches.  Dr. Dave helped me—no more neck pain and no more headaches.  I will continue to recommend my family to Pittsburgh Upper Cervical Chiropractic because they helped me, they treat me well, and they have a friendly environment.


60 year-old male

I first came to see Dr. Dave with neck and shoulder pain that began many years ago.  Prior to care in this office, I received general chiropractic care at another office and massage therapy.  My pain has decreased and the results seem to be more permanent in nature.  I am treated very well, and I would recommend Pittsburgh Upper Cervical Chiropractic to others because the results are more permanent.  I don’t take as many painkillers anymore and this is the best I’ve felt in 10 years!


53 year-old male

I first came here with migraines and chronic neck and shoulder pain that was tender to touch.  I had the migraines for 20 years and the neck/shoulder pain for 6 years.  Since beginning care here, I have seen many improvements—my headaches and pain are less frequent, my energy level has increased, and my fatigue and depression-like symptoms have decreased.  I no longer take my prescription for migraines, and I spend much less time in bed with pain and headaches.  I have been really pleased with my treatment and the overall improvements that I’ve noticed in my health.  I like that your philosophy seems to be all-inclusive/all-over health rather than just treating the symptoms as traditional chiropractic sometimes does.  I would recommend your office to others based on my results and the thoughtfulness of my treatment plan, etc.


41 year-old female

I have had neck and back pain for a long time.  Dr. Dave shows great concern and I like the constant check-ups.  I’ve had a lot less pain and tension especially in my neck.  My energy has improved so I started exercising again and it makes me feel really good.  I have already recommended Pittsburgh Upper Cervical Chiropractic to my family because it really helps.


17 year-old female

I would get blurred vision with a headache about once a week usually when I was at school taking a test.  I don’t get headaches anymore and my vision is better when I take tests.  It is nice care and I would recommend it because it is very good.


11 year-old female

I’ve had neck pain and sleep problems for several years.  I used to see another chiropractor years ago, and I’ve gotten massages for the pain.  Since seeing Dr. Dave, my neck is feeling much better.  There is less pain and tension and I am sleeping through the night without discomfort.  I have more energy, and I have been more comfortable exercising.  I like the way you explain why you are doing things rather than just going forward.  You treat me very well, and I would recommend your office because I would like for my family and friends to feel healthier with less or no pain.


26 year-old female

I have been taking medication for migraines and neck pain for several years before coming to Pittsburgh Upper Cervical Chiropractic.  Now, the muscles in my neck are not tense and the neck pain is completely gone.  I have very few migraines now, and when I do get a migraine it is much less in severity.  I am very happy with care because it is casual and quick, and I am spending fewer days in bed sick with migraines!  I recommend upper cervical chiropractic to my family and friends because I’m grateful for their help.


53 year-old female

I have had lower back pain for over 30 years (since I was a teenager) and I have used traditional chiropractic in the past.  I also had neck pain and decreased range of motion for about 1-2 months before I started seeing Dr. Dave.  I have seen good results with Pittsburgh Upper Cervical Chiropractic—my neck and lower back are both doing well, and I feel like I am walking better.  I like that they offer care, not treatment—the personal touch.  I’m not rushed in and out and I feel like I matter as a patient.  My only complaint is that my insurance won’t cover it, which is not a reflection of this office.  I would definitely recommend upper cervical care because I’m having better results than I have had with traditional chiropractic care.


51 year-old female

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“We never know how far reaching something we may think, say, or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.”

– B.J. Palmer, D.C., Developer of Chiropractic

For about the past 3 years, I have dealt with chronic headaches, chronic right ear pain, and chronic sinus congestion on the right side of my head.  I regularly used Advil, and I feared that surgery would be the only thing that would be able to help me.  I’ve been seeing Dr. Dave for the past 4 months, and within just the first month of care, I had significant relief of all symptoms.  I’m feeling great and my mood has also improved.  Dr. Dave and Dr. Martina treat me great with respect and a caring friendly nature.  The only thing I don’t like is all the road work and traffic on my drive!  Without hesitation, I would recommend Pittsburgh Upper Cervical Chiropractic to my friends and family because it works and it’s easy and non-invasive!


58 year-old male

I have suffered from fibromyalgia and mid-back/shoulder blade soreness for more than 20 years.  I would ice the sore areas when possible and would take Motrin at night when the pain was severe.  Since I have been visiting the Pittsburgh Upper Cervical Chiropractic office, the pain in my mid-back/shoulder blade area is much relieved and I can exert myself more.  Dr. Dave has also made many suggestions regarding posture & exercises that have also helped.  Both Dr. Dave and Dr. Martina are caring, personable, and knowledgeable, and they treat me wonderfully.  The care is genuine and the manner in which they explain the procedure is greatly appreciated and the patient never feels rushed.  I have already suggested your office to both family and friends and have handed out info to those that I believe would benefit from your excellent care.


55 year-old female

For about 4 to 6 months (actually forget exactly how long), I was having pain in the right side of my neck with pain and tingling down into my right thumb and index finger.  Since beginning care with Dr. Dave, I have seen an unbelievable difference and seldom feel any of my initial symptoms!  I appreciate the educational aspect of care and the professional and sincere environment.  I would recommend Pittsburgh Upper Cervical Chiropractic to my family and friends.


59 year-old female

For about 5 years, I have had pain in my neck especially when turning my head to the side.  I have also had poor posture with difficulty holding my head up.  I saw my doctor and went to therapy.  Therapy did no good, it actually made it worse.  My daughter encouraged me to see Dr. Martina.  Dr. Martina has been honest and helpful, and I have felt definite improvement since starting care here.  I have already recommended a friend to come here.


71 year-old male

I hurt my lower back 6 months earlier while lifting a box.  I also had problems with my neck for over 30 years.  Ibuprofen and treatment by another chiropractor did not work.   My results with Dr. Dave have been great!  My neck pain and dizziness have pretty much disappeared, and my lower back pain only exists on rare occasions.  I have progressed better in this short time (3 months) than with the prior 6 months of other chiropractic care.  Not only do I feel a lot better, but I have learned a lot and am aware of how to lift, rest, and relax.  I like that this care is simple and noninvasive, and I would absolutely recommend Pittsburgh Upper Cervical Chiropractic to my family and friends.  When something works for me, I let people know.


55 year-old female

For about 10 years or more, I have been dealing with neck tension and discomfort in my right shoulder.  I have been taking aspirin to help relieve the pain.  Dr. Dave treats me well, and I have seen improvements in both conditions.  I have also seen some improvements in night time urinary frequency.  I would recommend Pittsburgh Upper Cervical Chiropractic because they take an interest in what is happening and are very thorough and friendly.  I appreciate the time that is taken to explain the reason for what is being done.


62 year-old male

For several years, I had bad neck pain with daily headaches, lower back pain, and trouble sleeping.   I had previous chiropractic treatment, but it did not help my neck or headaches.  My results have been good with Dr. Dave and he treats me well.  He is a good guy and knows what he is talking about.  I am pleased with my progress so far.  My neck pain, lower back pain, and sleep have improved, and my headaches have gone from daily to only a couple times a month.  I enjoy taking naps (resting) after my adjustments.  I also like that they provide flexible scheduling with evening hours, and I am never rushed in and out.


31 year-old male

Over the past 2-3 years, my neck and lower back pain got so severe that I went to the hospital for extreme lower back pain.  The doctors there inserted a stent then had to remove it.  I took many Tylenol tablets daily to help relieve the pain.  I had also been diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure and was prescribed Procrit.  Since beginning care with Dr. Martina at PUCC, I have no more lower back pain and only minimal neck pain on rare occasions.  Also, my last blood test showed there had been an improvement in my kidney function and I don’t need to take Procrit anymore—I credit it to the chiropractic intervention!  This was very exciting news for me because I was so used to hearing that my kidneys were getting worse and worse!  Dr. Martina treats me great, and I like the fact that the care is gentle and non-invasive.  I recommend upper cervical care to everyone I can!


78 year-old female

When I started here, I would get blackouts at least twice a day.  I would get horrible headaches each day also.  My atlas was pushed out of place to the right.  This has been going on for 3 years.  I went to a neurologist, traditional chiropractor, pediatrician, and now you.  Now, I rarely get blackouts, headaches, and my neck doesn’t ache anymore.  You treat me very well.  You are gentle with my neck, and I get good results.  I would recommend this because I feel like people who have a neck injury like me shouldn’t go to a traditional chiropractor because I believe he made it worse.  Upper Cervical made my conditions 10x better in only about 6 months.


13 year-old female

In general, I have had various work-related pain and fatigue for about 20 to 25 years.  My main complaint when I first saw Dr. Martina was neck and shoulder tension that was aggravated after a shoulder injury in September 2008.  I have also been seeing a retinal specialist and getting uncomfortable eye injections once a month for Wet Macular Degeneration in my eyes for about 5 to 6 years.  I have been very pleased with my results here.  My neck and shoulder have been healing slowly but nicely.  I have had more energy, and my aches and pains from work are much more tolerable.  Also, I haven’t needed an eye injection from my retinal specialist for the past 6 months!  I appreciate Dr. Martina treating me well, monitoring my health frequently, and teaching me a new attitude toward wellness.  I will continue to recommend upper cervical care to my family and friends because it works and the reason behind it makes more sense than drugs and surgery!


57 year-old male

Never again miss out on your life because of pain.

I’ve had excessive underarm sweating (hyperhydrosis) for 4 years, and I’ve tried prescription topical medication.  Since starting at PUCC, I’ve seen drastic improvement.  My condition also started responding better to the original medication that was initially ineffective.  Even though you are a far drive, I like how you treat me wonderfully, and I like the personal approach from Dr. Dave.  I already have and I will continue to recommend people to you.  I believe in the healing power of the body and that power is found at this office.


34 year-old male

I’ve had 20 years of chronic neck and shoulder pain!  I’ve taken Ibuprophen but other than that, no special care.  Since I started here, my pain in my neck and shoulders has greatly improved and is now only occasional.  My favorite part about the care is the results!  I also like that everything is explained in detail, but I wish the rest time was shorter.  Dr. Dave is always friendly, kind, and concerned.  I would definitely recommend you to my family and friends because it’s all about results.  I have also witnessed what happens if cervical care is neglected.


55 year-old female

I’ve had agony from lower back pain which caused an inability to exercise.  This stemmed from an injury in 1986.  It “flairs up” from time to time, but persisted nearly 1 year constantly prior to visit to doc.  I’ve tried ibuprofen, massage, heat/ice, and acupuncture.  With PUCC, I’ve had a loss of pain, and I’ve returned to previous activity levels as well as resumed massage.  You treat me “better than deserved,” as my wife might say.  I like that your care is non-invasive, and is only administered when needed.  I believe the addition of chiropractic into my health plan has increased my wellness.


41 year-old male

I’ve had no movement in my neck and intense pain in my left arm.  I was unable to use it due to pain.  This has been going on since 1990.  My previous care has included drugs, physical therapy, and mental therapy.  After getting adjusted here, I felt my entire body move from the left stuck position to the right/center of my body.  I got my life back.  You are sincere and always have time just for me!  You treat me like I’m the only patient in the world.  You answer all questions and make excellent recommendations.  I wish I got adjusted every time!  Would I recommend you?  Yes, Yes, Yes.


38 year-old female

I suddenly got severe pain in my neck and back of right arm when swinging my arm back and forward across my body.  It eventually turned into constant pain that never subsided.  I tried regularly chiropractic, with no relief and no plan to pinpoint problem and determine plan to correct problem.  I also tried Aleve which did not even “touch” the pain—no relief.  I saw PUCC about 3 weeks after the onset of my pain.  I followed plan prescribed by PUCC, even early on when pain was not immediately relieved, I continued/persevered and began to see relief within 2-3 wks of PUCC care.  It works!  You treat me like family!!  Not enough people are aware of this very effective program!  I would absolutely recommend this program—there is just nothing like it.


64 year-old female

I’ve had migraines for a few years, and I’ve seen other chiropractors.  You treat me excellent, and you are the first (of four) chiropractors that have helped my symptoms.  My headaches are far less severe than they were.  I have never had to leave work due to my headaches, and my symptoms are not as bad.  It works!


27 year-old female

For 2+ years, I’ve had sciatic/lower back pain.  Nothing else (physical therapy/rehab) worked until coming to Pgh Upper Cervical.  Symptoms improved after adjustments.  No more pain in leg/back and able to workout again pain free.  They are awesome, and I like understanding the care and how it all works—neck and back control the body.


30 year-old male

I’ve had multiple herniated cervical discs causing re-curing intense pain that was felt on a daily basis.  This has been going on for several years but most significantly, almost a year ago.  I’ve done massage therapy, visited a neurosurgeon, had an MRI, and take pain killers.  Since starting at PUCC, I’ve had less painful occurrences and nothing major or ongoing anymore like pain lasting more than 1 day.  I like your conservative approach to correcting a significant problem, but I wish the amount of rest time required after an adjustment was shorter.  I couldn’t ask for better treatment.  If it works for me, it can work for you!!


38 year-old male

I’ve had severe migraines, sleep issues, neck soreness, and blurred vision for approx. 7 years.  I’ve already tried chiropractic care with 2 other chiros and OTC medication (Excedrin, Advil, Tylenol).  After PUCC, My headaches have decreased by 90-95%, my neck is seldom sore, my vision is fine, and I’m able to relax enough to sleep.  I like so many things about your office—the flexibility of schedule, the attention to detail, scans to make sure patient’s are on track, no jerking or twisting the head, doesn’t adjust if it isn’t necessary, always polite and caring.  I even wish you had longer rest sessions.  I’ve had tremendous results, and I feel so much better all around.


28 year-old female

I’ve had LOUD Tinnitus and an uncomfortable “stuck” neck with very little range of motion for a few months now.  I’ve seen 1) Primary Care Dr, 2) ENT Dr, 3) Oral Surgeon, 4) Root Canal Dr, 5) Another ENT Dr, 6) Audiologist, 7) Tinnitus TRT Specialist, and now 8) Pittsburgh Upper Cervical Chiropractic.  My neck is feeling normal again.  Although I continuously suffer with Tinnitus, it is at a considerably lower volume.  I don’t like resting in the back room, but I do like that you take time to talk to your patients.  I feel very comfortable here & would be able to share how I feel about what is going on with me.  You treat me great!  I would absolutely recommend you!


59 year-old female

Testimonial Disclosure:  In our office, every patient (we may have missed a few here and there) fills out an HONEST testimonial and evaluation questionnaire after completing their first three months of care.  We take their EXACT written words and type them into paragraph form so that they are more readable here on the website and in other publications. We use these testimonials and evaluations to give hope to other patients and to improve upon the services we offer.  We can’t reveal patients’ names due to our Practice’s Privacy Notice; however, you can read all of the original handwritten testimonials and evaluations in a binder in our reception area.  Please note:  We cannot guarantee results, and past results do not guarantee future results.

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